Senior Assisted Living Care Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as Board and Care Homes for Seniors.

What is a Board and Care Home for Seniors aka Senior Assisted Living Care Home?

A Board and Care Home for Seniors, also known as a Senior Assisted Living Care Home, provides care for seniors in a residential setting, much like their own home. It is typically in a single-family residence and situated in regular neighborhoods. They offer a home-like setting for people who need assistance with daily living but might be intimidated by larger communities.

Also called Personal Care Homes or Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, these Senior Assisted Living Care Homes are live-in housing and care for people who do not have skilled medical needs, such as a feeding tube or daily injections. Generally, a Senior Assisted Living Care Home provides the following:

  • A bedroom, either private or shared
  • Prepared meals
  • Varying levels of assistance with daily living activities, such as toileting, bathing and health care management
  • Custodial care, such as laundry and housekeeping
  • Transportation to doctor appointments as needed
  • Reminders to take medications or actual medication administering.

Because of the care homes' intimate settings, Senior Assisted Living Care Homes can often specialize in particular resident needs. It is perfect for those who are looking for one-on-one tender loving care.

What is a Skilled Nursing Home/Facility? 

A Skilled Nursing Home is set up to provide skilled medical care for individuals who have major medical problems. Nursing home care is typically rendered in a setting that is much like a hospital, and that affords very little, if any, privacy for the residents living there. A nursing home is usually a last resort for individuals, who are immobile and in very ill health. There is little autonomy for a nursing home patient, although there are usually some structured activities for patients who wish to participate in them, such as bingo, card games or church services. Residents or patients in a nursing home may live in a nursing home while undergoing rehabilitation that will allow them to return to their homes or to a Senior Assisted Living Care Home.

What makes Senior Assisted Living Care Homes better than a Skilled Nursing Home?

There are many reasons why Senior Assisted Living Care Homes are better than Skilled Nursing Facilities. As one keen observer would put it, there is no nursing home smell of disinfectant and hospital-like vibes. Senior Assisted Living Care Homes smell just like any other home would because that is what they are: a home. At Villa Alegre, residents are able to enjoy the cozy amenities of large living rooms that accommodate all residents and guests, including family dining areas for meal times. There are no scary hallways and medical personnel at every corner. Villa Alegre consists of loving caretakers who create personal relationships with each resident. They are called “residents,” rather than “patients,” because Villa Alegre is a home, not a hospital. Residents are able to choose when and how they want to spend their day. Although there is a planned daily schedule of activities, it is solely up to the residents to participate. They are also encouraged to give their own input about the kinds of activities they would like to do. At Villa Alegre, residents live the way they want and the way that makes them happy.

How are Living Arrangements in a Senior Assisted Living Care Home/ Board and Care?

In a Senior Assisted Living Care Home, each person is typically responsible for their own space. They can decorate it as they see fit, including their own televisions and other personal decor. Usually meals are shared with the other residents. The bathrooms may be private or shared, largely depending on the structure of the home.

There are common areas, like the kitchen, dining room, living room, recreational room and other common areas. There may be a backyard for outdoor activities, like for walking or gardening. Each resident may have their own private space or participate in activities with the other residents.

How do Residents socialize?

In this setting, friends are quickly made because of the intimacy of the living arrangement. The companionship is instant. Residents are encouraged to spend time together and get to know each other. They take trips together and participate in group activities together as they do at larger facilities, but this is a far more intimate setting.  The amount of one-on-one time, giving it more of a family environment feel.

What kind of Assistance/ Personal Care is given to each resident?

Just as in a larger assisted living setting, folks who move into a Senior Assisted Living Care Home are privy to the extra help they need with daily living activities. From help with bathing, dressing and grooming, to transportation for errands, appointments and shopping, the assisted living resident is given assistance with activities on a personalized level.   At the same time, these senior residents are encouraged to maintain their ability to do things for themselves.

Why choose a Board and Care also known as Assisted Living Care Home?

Residents in a Board and Care / Senior Assisted Living Care Home may find that moving into a smaller, intimate environment is the perfect setting for them. Transitioning from one’s home into this type of home tends to be easier because it is a more familiar setting. Living in a residential area with neighbors and a similar structure from where they came from can be the perfect way to adjust to a new home.

What makes Villa Alegre different?

Villa Alegre Senior Assisted Living Care Homes are located in the heart of the prestigious Hidden Mesa Estates of El Cajon and in the footsteps of Mt. Helix in La Mesa. Its unique features and resort-like settings create a peaceful, relaxing and healthy environment. Residents are able to enjoy the majestic views of nature, while feeling the comforts of elegance and class. They are treated with respect and kindness by a well-trained and loving staff. Villa Alegre will give residents the dignity they’ve been used to living their lives. At Villa Alegre, residents are not patients… they’re family!

How do I find out if Villa Alegre Senior Assisted Living is the right place for me?

Contact Us at Villa Alegre Senior Assisted Living and we will give you all the information you need.